Get acquainted with Soto Voce through their smooth debut single, “Better”

Next to nothing is known about Soto Voce at this point. That’s probably to be expected when you’ve only released one song and aren’t yet active on social media. We do know, however, that the act is comprised of two members—Kenny Soto and Miguel De Vivo—and claims Oakland as a home base. The duo’s debut single, “Better,” won’t escape comparisons to Radiohead, but that’s okay. If you’re going to be compared to even just one other band, you could do a lot worse.

The mostly cool and collected single clocks in at five-and-a-half minutes, boasting smooth vocals and relaxing, almost hypnotic production—apart from a chaotic, dissonant stint towards its end. Listen below and experience it for yourself.

We were amazed at Soto Voce’s lack of presence online when we noticed the play count on “Better,” so we touched base with the band to get a little insight to the moves they’ve been making.

Substream: You guys currently have 22 followers on your Facebook page, but this debut track has over 8,000 listens. How have you been getting the word out and getting people to hear this song?

Kenny Soto: To be honest, Miguel and I are studio heads and we both are super new to social media, so at this point we are just trying the best we can DIY style. So pretty much it’s the blind leading the blind.

Do you have a plan of attack for boosting your social media presence?

We have been thinking about an Illuminati sacrifice to boost our social media presence, but we’re open to feedback.

What is “Better” all about and why did you choose it to introduce Soto Voce?

“Better” is a sentiment about self-acceptance, and acknowledgement, and overall mental sanity. It’s the idea that we can be better than our past, and what ramifications and closure come with being “better.”