Emarosa deliver a career best with “Miracle”


In less than a month, Emarosa will release their long-awaited Hopeless Records debut, and when that happens, vocalist Bradley Walden will earn the title of the frontman who has released the most material with the near decade old band. That is a long way of saying Emarosa is now his band, and he is as much a part of them as anyone could hope to be. The benefits of this accomplishment for listeners is that the songs the band has crafted as of late showcase how much the brotherhood they share impact the quality of their output. We don’t mean to put the carriage in front of the horse, but having heard their latest release in full we don’t hesitate to proclaim Emarosa is better now than ever before, and those needing proof need look no further than the band’s latest single, “Miracle.”

Released earlier this week along with its official video, “Miracle” is the third song from Emarosa’s upcoming album, 131, to be shared with the general public. The song is a lush alternative rock track bursting at the seams with palpable emotion that resonates with listeners long after the track has come to a close. The track’s closing line, “nothing ever happens until it happens to you,” points to a sad truth that many only begin to grasp as they find themselves slipping further and further from their youth. With age comes wisdom, or so they say, and on this track the understanding that time provides is also ripe with heartache.

The video for “Miracle” finds Walden going overboard with day-drinking in a dimly lit bar. While the alcohol flows he begins to wander through the facility, dancing on tables and stealing sips from the drinks of various patrons while two musicians perform on stage. There is a cinematic quality to the entire proceeding that falls in line with the rest of the promotional materials that have been released around 131, but the story is unique to this clip. You can view the video below:

Emarosa will release 131, which was produced by the almighty Casey Bates, on July 8 through Hopeless Records. We recommend buying a pre-order bundle as soon as time and finances allow.