Hawthorne Heights started off the show with a lot of energy, playing to an almost packed house filling in for headliners blink-182. They finished their set with “Ohio is for Lovers” with their friend Jake Lare filling in on guitar while lead singer JT Woodruff went down to the barrier to sing with the crowd.

Blink were up next. Unfortunately, this was a soundboard shoot—every photographer’s worst nightmare—so I apologize for the lack of variety in the following gallery. Despite being a fan of blink-182 for the past 18 years (and having them be so influential in the music I liked and the way I dressed) this was my first time ever photographing the band (other than using a Kodak disposable at Warped ’99). Blink came out and opened with the obvious choice: “Feeling This,” a track that gets the crowd rowdy right from the start.

I must say, it was a tad jarring seeing Blink with Matt Skiba on guitar and vocals. I think if you’re a new Blink fan and have never seen a Blink show then it’s probably the best show you’ll see, but if you’ve seen Blink many, many times over the years you’ve likely gotten used to the Mark, Tom, and Travis show. Don’t get me wrong, Skiba is awesome and a great musician, but Tom is Blink for me. Despite having to get used to that, though, this was still really awesome hearing all the songs I grew up loving and moshing to when I was younger.

Mark and Travis still put on a great show and Skiba does an excellent job filling in. You’ll hear all the classics as well as some new tracks from the band’s upcoming album, California, and some unlikely deep cuts as well. All in all, the summer tour coming up with A Day To Remember, All Time Low, and the All-American Rejects is going to be nothing short of amazing. Whether you’re a new or old school Blink fan, you’ll love it. It might take a moment to shake your preconceived idea of what Blink-182 has to be, but I’d settle for Blink in this new situation any day as long as they keep the music alive and keep playing.