Bitter’s Kiss’ initial output bespeaks a bright future for the indie newcomer

bitter's kiss

Bitter’s Kiss may not be a name you’ll immediately recognize, but that likely won’t be the case for long. Having already accrued a massive social media following through a grass roots/DIY campaign, Chloe Baker—the young, New Jersey songwriter at the heart of the project who works with her father on arrangements and various other aspects of her music—continues to impress with her matured creations, many of which can be found on her delicately moving indie pop EP, Love Won’t Make You Cry. Start with the title track and try to refrain from hitting repeat or moving on to another song on the effort. Good luck.

You can find an example of the wise-beyond-her-years personality of Baker in her video for “The Rope” below. In an interview with Under The Gun from last year, Baker explained of the video and the song’s themes:

“The song is about how damaging it can be to your self-worth to judge yourself based on what other people think you should be or tell you you need to be, if those things aren’t consistent with how you honestly feel. So the story is pretty simple in that the little boy plays with his mother’s makeup and then is punished for it by his father because somehow what he did was wrong in his father’s eyes. What the boy did innocently out of curiosity is something he is being told is shameful. The ball at the end and the character I play in the video are intended as lifelines calling the boy to be true to himself.”

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