‘Batman V Superman’ Ultimate Edition gets a new trailer

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In March, audiences finally got to see two DC icons square off in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Sadly, it wasn’t a very good movie. We already knew an extended cut of the movie was coming, but today we got a trailer for what’s dubbed as the Ultimate Edition.

The new footage—which totals roughly 30 minutes—has pushed the film up to an R rating. The most notable aspect of the new footage is the inclusion of Jena Malone’s (Hunger Games franchise, Donnie Darko) character, who did not make the cut in the theatrical release. We also get a few new shots of Superman using his powers. Besides that, the footage appears to be very much in line with the rest of the film, in that it’s incredibly dark, both visually and tonally.

You can watch the trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition below, and grab it when it comes out digitally on June 28 and on Blu-Ray on July 19.