Angel Olsen shares dreamlike visuals for new song, “Intern”

Get excited, because Angel Olsen has gifted us with some new music. The indie rock sensation took to Twitter to share the new track, entitled “Intern,” with a brand new video as well.

The visuals find Olsen singing directly into the camera during scenes of her getting interviewed as she shares a dressing room with a host of other people. The video was written and directed by Olsen herself, with Ashley Connor and Jethro Waters providing collaborative input. Olsen’s silver wig, the sudden cutout at the end of the video, and the slow, atmospheric song itself combine to give the entire experience a dreamlike feeling.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Shazam lists the track as “Intern” off an album entitled My Woman. In addition, the YouTube video itself is titled “Angel Olsen – Intern (trailer),” signifying there’s either more to the song, or that this is indeed a teaser for an imminent album release. Olsen’s last effort was Burn Your Fire For No Witness, which was released in 2014 through Jagjaguwar.

Watch “Intern” below, and keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have long to wait for Olsen’s new album.