Aesop Rock delivers absolutely adorable video for “Kirby”

Aesop Rock Kirby video

In case you weren’t aware, the internet was specifically invented for the proliferation of cat-based media. And why not? Cats are cute little balls of fluff and energy (the author is the owner of two cats so he might be a little bit biased). As it turns out, Aesop Rock is a big cat lover as well. In fact, he dedicated an entire song to his cat Kirby on his latest album, The Impossible Kid, and today we got the music video for the single. Before we proceed, a warning: the video is adorable and you’ll probably want to watch it for the rest of the afternoon.

While the video is about the bond between Aesop Rock and Kirby, neither actually appear in the video. Aesop Rock employs the puppet form of himself, and Kirby is in fact portrayed by Dina, a cat that was rescued off the streets of LA. Why aren’t the two stars of the song in the video? Aesop Rock explains it’s “because Kirby wanted way too much money to appear in her own video. Puppet Aesop is also way more agreeable than real Aesop.”

The video description also notes that thankfully Dina was adopted, and encourages viewers to support their local shelters or to visit The Animal Humane Society.

You can check out “Kirby” below. The Impossible Kid is out now courtesy of Rhymesayers Entertainment. [It’s one of the best releases of the year; don’t sleep on it — Ed.]