Watch members of Goldfinger, New Found Glory, MxPx and Story Of The Year perform “Superman”

Goldfinger All-Stars

While John Feldmann might be better known these days as a producer du jour for punk, rock and pop acts alike (btw we can’t wait to hear the new Blink-182 record, so Feldy, if you’re reading this, slide a Dropbox link into our DMs, won’t ya?). But those of us with a checkered past know Feldmann first and foremost as the frontman for Goldfinger, a ska-punk act from the ’90s whose activity is sporadic these days. That didn’t stop Feldmann from recruiting an all-star lineup full of Warped Tour veterans for a performance at West Palm Beach, Florida’s Sunfest on April 30.

Accompanying Feldmann onstage for Goldfinger’s first show in six months was MxPx bassist/vocalist Mike Herrera (who started playing with Goldfinger in 2015), Story Of The Year guitarist Phil Sneed and drummer Cyrus Bolooki, who learned the band’s set in a scant five days. Not bad for a cobbled-together supergroup! Watch ’em play Goldfinger’s “Superman” in front of a surprisingly huge crowd (wait for the camera to pan around, you’ll see what we mean).

And as a bonus, here’s a smidgen of the Goldfinger All-Stars (as I’ve decided they should be called from now on) performing “99 Red Balloons.”

There’s no word on whether or not this was a one-off lineup or something more permanent, nor when Goldfinger will finally do a tour where they play their self-titled album and Hang-Ups in their entireties so I can die happy.