The Used fires up Chicago


On their current U.S. tour, the Used stopped by Chicago on May 17 to play their self-titled album in full and to celebrate its 15th year. By 8 p.m., the House of Blues was filled to capacity for the first night of the Used’s two nights of performances, going back to their roots with their self-titled album and In Love And Death. The air was filled with excitement and a sense of nostalgia throughout the night.

The New Regime opened up the show to a packed room before letting the Used take the stage. As the strobes started going off, the band came out to close out the night. They opened with “Maybe Memories” before going into the album in full. Frontman Bert McCracken took a second before “The Taste Of Ink” to comment on the album and how the band and everyone in the room had problems 15 years ago that felt so big but they made it out alive. They ended the show with “Pieces Mended” followed by “Choke Me.” While the night was over, it was obvious the fun hadn’t ended yet—people headed home, preparing for the the next night to catch In Love And Death in full.