As It Is shakes the room in Newcastle

Since their signing to Fearless Records, Brighton, U.K. pop-punkers As It Is have been pretty unstoppable. Their next step to becoming the biggest name in pop-punk is to undertake a huge U.K. headlining tour with the likes of Australian rockers With Confidence. That said tour landed them in Newcastle for a night of fast-paced music to keep everyone’s feet off of the floor.

With Confidence is a breath of fresh air, coming from the land that has produced quite a few noteworthy acts the past few years. They offer up a fresh brand of pop-punk that is laced with immense amounts of energy throughout. Though this is their first trip to U.K. shores, they have hordes singing back the infectious lyrics to their newest single “Keeper” as if they’ve been here a million times before. It’s surprising and humbling for them, as they comment on the voices of the crowd and if anything it motivates them to keep that energy up for the rest of their set. While a lot of support acts, despite best efforts, play to a stagnant crowd, for With Confidence it’s the polar opposite. They’re definitely one band set to explode to the forefront in the very near future.

As It Is bounds onto the stage to offer up the familiar favorites from their new album Never Happy, Ever After as well as the added extras they recently produced. With a sound that wavers a lot on the pop side of pop-punk, it’s guaranteed that the majority of those on the floor will not be able to stop dancing. Though in the room you could barely tell the effect the movement has, downstairs you can see and hear the way the floor moves as everyone jumps with the band, the loud creaking evident that there’s a great show going on. Their most recent single “Winter’s Weather” is great in live translation, despite how in-house sound is mixed to wash out some of the vocals. Nobody seems to notice the difference of course, but stepping out of the room vocals seem clearer to understand. Overall the band are incredibly fun to watch, vocalist Patty Walters’ energy is enough to stun as at no point in the set does he stop for a breather. When not singing, he’s bouncing around and it’s quite a sight. They’re well on their way to being the biggest, it’s exciting to see what they’ll have to offer with a new album release.