PREMIERE: Watch Halfloves’ ghastly, cinematic video for “No Suspicion”

Formerly operating under the banner of The Olympics, Iowa City’s Halfloves have only their full-length debut in tow with the new moniker. Released earlier this year, the band’s 11-track, self-titled effort is brimming with big indie-pop ideas and an infectious sound to match—albeit one that’s dipped ever so slightly in darkness. Produced by Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons), Halfloves offers an ideal balance of stadium-worthy rock jams and more sober, delicate cuts that allow the occasional respite from its massive moments. “No Suspicion” presents the best of both worlds as a driving, almost anthemic rocker with dramatic undertones and synth lines that will no doubt linger on your mind.

The gorgeous, Dylan Sires-directed visuals for the single are steeped in deep reds and blues that may bring to mind the more recent works of Nicolas Winding Refn (think Only God Forgives), but manage to perfectly accentuate the dark, often synth-stressed pop vibes of the track. You can see the vivid results for yourself below.

When asked about the song and its accompanying video, Halfloves offered a weighty and earnest monologue of sorts:

“It’s the fear and the fascination of letting go; simply watching what happens as the pieces start to fall apart when allowed to be tugged and pushed in foreign directions. In these times, it’s the exhilarating and infinite sadness we seek out. We feel directionless and would rather give the reins over to a rash and unknown current. We wait for the daylight to fade and the night to catch up with our mood. We lie restless in our beds which have suddenly become too comfortable for our state of mind. We want to taste the adrenaline in the back of our throats. We give up control.”

You can purchase Halfloves’ self-titled LP on iTunes and keep up with the band on Twitter.