PREMIERE: Dig bands like Explosions In The Sky and American Football? You’ll like New New England

New New England

Rockford, Illinois, isn’t known for much outside of recent Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Cheap Trick and Beef-A-Roo [aka the greatest fast food chain in the world —hometown ed.]. But unbeknownst to most, the Forest City has been rebuilding its independent music scene in recent years. The culmination of plenty of hours of woodshedding has led to the formation of New New England, a five-piece instrumental post-rock band featuring members of Joie De Vivre, Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers and more that sounds like a perfect cross-section between American Football and Explosions In The Sky, with maybe a hint of Appleseed Cast here and there.

Today, we’re premiering “Albany No. 3,” the first song on the band’s debut EP, I’d Just Feel Better Knowing. Guitarist Chris French explains:

“‘Albany No. 3’ was the first song idea I had when I asked Warren if he wanted to start an ‘instrumental post-rock band’ and his only response was to laugh at me and say ‘no.’ About a month later he finally gave in and we asked our goods friends Whips, Kyle and Spencer if they’d want to try to jam out some song ideas and ‘Albany No. 3′ was the first one that came together as a band. It’s quite a bit more ’emo’ than we’d set out to try to sound like but I guess that’s all we know.”

New New England’s I’d Just Feel Better Knowing EP will be released June 6 via Artistic Integrity Records and can be pre-ordered here.

New New England’s first show will be June 3 at Kryptonite in Rockford, Illinois (details).