PREMIERE: Hear the debut single from Envy On The Coast guitarist Brian Byrne’s new project, The Hand That Wields It

The Hand That Wields It
photo: Lauren Knaffo/@yearandadayphoto

While the internet has been in a tizzy recently about the possibility of Envy On The Coast getting back on the horse, EOTC guitarist/vocalist Brian Byrne has been quietly working on creating new music under the name The Hand That Wields It. The project was conceived in Byrne’s bedroom studio in 2015, where he eventually wrote and recorded a self-titled EP.

Today, we’re thrilled and honored to premiere the Hand That Wields It’s debut single, “Blind Or Shade,” which is a chilled out, electro-indie comedown from EOTC’s hyperactive alt-rock that’s all about the challenges of making love work. (The song even includes samples of various voicemails from former romantic partners of the singer.) Byrne elaborates:

“I wrote this song about the place you get to when you’re in between relationships and can’t seem to make any headway in either direction. It’s about trying to force a square peg in a round hole in regard to making love work. I feel like the chorus is a bit sarcastic in asking ‘Isn’t it great?’ when clearly, everything is fucked.”

The Hand That Wields It’s The Hand That Wields It EP will be released later this summer. In the meantime, follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.