PREMIERE: Dig bands like Polar Bear Club and Bayside? You’ll like Half Hearted Hero

Half Hearted Hero
photo: Ross Nunes

Massachusetts quintet Half Hearted Hero is digging deep on their new album, Isn’t Real. Musically, you could draw lines to bands like Polar Bear Club, Living With Lions, Shook Ones and Carpenter—groups whose entire careers have been built on powerful, occasionally raspy vocals atop melodic punk songs heavily influenced by emo and hardcore with lyrics that are pulled directly from the heart and aimed directly at your gut. Today, we’re debuting one of Isn’t Real‘s finest moments, the punky, speedy “Invisible City.” Frontman Anthony Savino comments:

“‘Invisible City’ explores the idea that progress is a myth: that cities develop because people live in them. Progress is desire disguised as the future. This progress is an escapism.”

Half Hearted Hero’s Isn’t Real will be released May 27 via Animal Style Records and can be pre-ordered here.