PREMIERE: See the new video from the Killers-endorsed rockers Blackout Balter

Blackout Balter

Massachusetts quartet Blackout Balter is barely a year old, but their frontman, Philip Cohen, has lived more than enough life to make sure their songs are impressively deep. He served in the US Air Force for more than seven years, spending time in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf; before that, he was hockey player in top amateur league USHL. But all along, he’s been fueled by rock ’n’ roll both vintage and new, which is reflected all across Blackout Balter’s debut EP, Twist And Bend.

Through a chance meeting, Cohen got to play some of his demos for Dave Keuning, the guitarist for the Killers, who became such a fan of Blackout Balter, he let them record Twist And Bend in his band’s Las Vegas studio with producer Robert Root (Imagine Dragons, New Order)—and he even played guitar on a few tracks, including “Heavy Hand,” which we’re debuting the lyric video for today. Cohen comments:

“‘Heavy Hand’ is about using the act of creation as a means of moving forward in life. It’s a call for us to do what we want to do—to do something unique, something unmistakably yours; and to not fall into the trap of what others say is right for you. When I was in Afghanistan, I saw how short life really is; and I told myself from that point forward, I’d only focus on the things that I really cared about. ‘Heavy Hand’ embodies this sentiment.”

Blackout Balter’s Twist And Bend EP will be released July 8 and can be pre-ordered here.