Hatebreed, Emmure, Northlane, Blessthefall and more set it off at Paris’ Impericon Festival

© Edouard Camus

Originally scheduled at Le Bataclan, this year’s Impericon Festival had to find a new venue to rock at, since the Parisian venue has not re-opened yet following the November 2015 terrorist attacks. Instead, Impericon stopped at Le Cabaret Sauvage, a venue that looked like a circus by its round shape and its red tent.

Being a one-day festival, the event started early in the day, and since it was a weekday it meant not a lot of people were present to catch sets from Hellions, who had the big responsibility of starting the show right, followed by Hundredth. But even if the turnout wasn’t high, people present started moving, shouting lyrics back to Hundredth vocalist Chadwick Johnson.

As time went, more people arrived, and the pit started to fill as Eskimo Callboy took the stage, with smoke and lights creating a spotlight on both singers. As soon as Chelsea Grin began their set, fans moshed so hard that a piece of the floor broke, leaving a hole near the barricade. It was fixed quickly after Chelsea Grin, in order to avoid any accident. The most anticipated set of the day to that point was Blessthefall, and the festival really started when Beau Bokan & Co. vowed the venue, with the singer jumping everywhere.

Delays started, as expected in this kind of festival: one venue, one stage, bands having to leave the stage, set up gear, soundcheck and start, all within 15 minutes. Some people left sets in advance, and rushed to the crowded food booth—the only one in the venue—in order to eat before another band would start.

Despised Icon followed Blessthefall, making the audience jump and crowd surf. Crowdsurfing didn’t stop as British band Bury Tomorrow began, as vocalist Dan asked (after getting a new microphone as the first one wasn’t working) for the crowd to come onstage. Sadly for everyone present that day, their set had to be cut short in order to stay on time. Northlane followed, showing the same energy as they put earlier this year at a headline show in Paris.

The two headliners of the festival this year finally came onstage, first Emmure, putting forth an effortless show, showing off their new lineup and creating mosh pits. The top-billed act was Hatebreed, who performed flawlessly, with people shouting louder than ever the lyrics of “Destroy Everything”. In short, the Impericon Festival had everything people were expecting, as every year, with a packed venue. Substream photographer Edouard Camus brought back this exclusive gallery.