From Indian Lakes capture love on the rocks in their video for “The Bad Parts”

From Indian Lakes 2016 love

Love is a funny thing. You never really know what it is until you feel it deep down in your soul, and even when you recognize the fact you have it there is never any way to ensure it’s kept safe. Sometimes, through no fault of our own, the things we once held close begin to drift away, and we are left to rationalize how something that once felt so strong and secure could crumble in a matter of seconds, minutes, days, weeks, or even years. Love can lift you as high as the clouds one moment and crush you under the weight of the world the next, yet any of us would give anything to feel it all the time.

From Indian Lakes know a thing or two about love and the way it can fade away without warning. The band’s new video for “The Bad Parts,” which premiered online late last week, showcases a once fiery hot romance turned cold. Two people who were clearly once deep in love now live alongside one another like ghosts, never touching yet always present, and neither one can figure out where to go next. There is a sadness to every sequence that speaks to the way fading romance can leave us feeling helpless, and it moves you as much as the heartfelt music its intended to help promote. You can view the video below.

“The Bad Parts” initially appeared on From Indian Lakes’ Wanderer EP, which was released on cassette and vinyl through Triple Crown Records on March 25. If you have yet to purchase it, we recommend doing so as soon as time and finances allow.