Envy On The Coast teases potential reunion

Envy On The Coast

It was just last month when we brought you news of Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne of Envy On The Coast sharing the stage together and playing some EOTC classics for the first time in years at a show in New York City.

Following that surprise performance, Hunter and Byrne stated, “We’ve tried to get this together with the 5 original members, but for many reasons, it just doesn’t seem that’s going to happen in the near future… This is the best we can do right now.”

Now, it seems like something is brewing in the Envy camp—first, the band’s Facebook page came back to life with a new profile photo of Hunter and Byrne, and now, the band has re-launched their Twitter account which thus far has only said one thing: “chill.”

If something were to come of this, it would be Envy On The Coast’s first show in six years. We have reached out to a member of the band for further comment and will report back when we have it. In the meantime, enjoy this jam: