Candy Hearts frontwoman accuses Seaway tour manager of assault (UPDATED)

Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts frontwoman Mariel Loveland has written a long blog post detailing her experiences with a member of Seaway’s touring crew. She accuses their tour manager, whose identity she declines to reveal, of physically assaulting her on tour 10 months ago, which lines up with last summer’s Warped Tour, of which both bands were participants. She writes in part:

“It happened on tour in front of a line full of people at Seaway’s merch. He was screaming at me, like usual, calling me names and saying I wasn’t worth anything, like usual – that kind of stuff is awful and you should never allow someone to talk to you like that, but I did. For almost a year. I finally decided not to take it anymore. He was our tour manager too, and I was employing him (albeit not very much but he was the highest paid out of all of us) and he was still telling me horrible things every day. That’s when he got violent. He started throwing things at my head and pushed me, while screaming in my face. He winded me with the stuff he threw at my stomach and I screamed louder to draw attention to him, in the way you sort of are supposed to yell really loud to scare a bear that’s about to kill you. I tried to hit him back but he is massive. I pushed him and nothing happened. I spent the rest of the tour terrified.”

Loveland goes on to explain how she was afraid to speak up after the incident as she did not want to get him fired from his job, and she also says the tour manager is still employed by Seaway and other bands. She continues:

I, however, haven’t worked much since and remain terrified to even attend certain shows or talk to certain people. I’ve been trying very hard to learn how to feel confident and safe again on stage, on tour, infront of other people. There’s nothing in the world that i’d rather do than play music and go on tour, and he took that safe, happy feeling I have on the road away from me.

Loveland makes it clear that while she was physically assaulted by Seaway’s tour manager, she was not sexually assaulted, but that both types of assault happen far more frequently to women than people ever realize.

It can happen with a dude you think is totally cool and nice and very charming, in fact it’s probably more likely. Abusers choose one or two people to abuse. They move from one the next where they think they can get away with it. Otherwise they’d be totally shunned by society if they were just abusive to everyone and a publicly crappy person. It is sneaky and slimy and from the outside often impossible to see unless, like in my case, he slips up and does it in public. This is why it looks like women lie, this is why the numbers of women who are assaulted look so shocking. You don’t think it could happen to you or someone you know by someone you call a friend. You always think it’d be a stranger trying to steal your purse in the street or a drunk guy at a bar who’s looking to start trouble. Not someone you trust.

We have reached out to Seaway’s publicist for comment and will update the story when we have more information. In the meantime, you can read Loveland’s entire post here.

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UPDATE: Substream has spoken with Candy Hearts frontwoman Mariel Loveland directly regarding this incident. She would not confirm the identity of Seaway’s tour manager, but Substream can independently confirm that his name is Zach Chad.

“He has known violent tendencies and I’ve heard him talk about beating people up and I’ve heard him threatening people,” Loveland tells Substream. “I just didn’t think he would do that to a girl—not that it’s right to do that to a boy either. He talks a lot of trash so it’s really hard to gauge what’s a real threat when he says it.”

Loveland’s history with Chad goes back a number to 2014 when the two briefly dated; Loveland describes their relationship as rocky.

“He was extremely emotionally abusive to me during the time we dated, to the point where he made me think almost everyone we toured with in the scene hated me and thought I was stupid and annoying,” she shares with Substream. “It’s crappy he was like to me, but I left [details of our personal relationship] out of my Tumblr post because it’s personal and I don’t think that affects anyone else. That’s just our private business. Though I certainly hope he does not treat other women that way.”

Substream has also received word that Chad has been terminated from his position in Seaway as a result of this incident going public but we have not yet received direct confirmation on that.