Andy Black spreads his wings in Newcastle

Andy Black

Spreading his wings from Black Veil Brides fame, vocalist Andy Biersack landed in the U.K. to promote his debut solo effort under the pseudonym Andy Black, The Shadow Side. Misery’s favorite company, Creeper, was recruited to open the night’s proceedings and has come leaps and bounds in this year alone, having not long ago jumped off of their supporting UK/EU slot on Neck Deep’s massive world tour. Taking the stage in matching garb, jackets embroidered with their signature Reaper heart logo, Creeper offered moody lyrics and emo-punk sounds to an awaiting crowd. Their energy was impressive, it’s no wonder they have come as far as they have with the type of show they put on, topped off by singer Will Ghould’s ability to connect easily with the audience in his little between-song chats.

Star of the night Andy Black sauntered onto the stage with unabashed confidence, drawing out the most shrill of screams from the front row as he glided to a halt in front of his mic stand. Behind him were two other performers, a drummer and a guitarist, the latter of whom doesn’t move from where he’s standing meaning a majority of the stage is left for Andy’s use. Though this is a performance to promote his solo album, there is still a hint of Black Veil Brides in his sound. It’s not a bad thing; it’s familiar for the fans who have followed him from that project to this. Though he doesn’t share much in the way of discussion between songs, spare a small joke regarding how he found his drummer on social media and was a fill-in from Newcastle, the way he commands the stage as a sole entity is to be commended. It simply goes to show that Andy doesn’t need a whole band to back him—his charisma does wonders in helping him put on an incredible show all on his own.