The Story So Far frontman forcefully kicks fan offstage mid-song

The Story So Far fan kick
The Story So Far's Parker Cannon physically kicks a fan offstage in Toronto

During their performance April 10 at the Mod Club in Toronto, the Story So Far frontman Parker Cannon physically kicked a young female fan offstage who appeared to be taking a selfie.

The band had just begun their encore with the song “High Regard” when this fan climbed onto the stage, smartphone in hand. Cannon sees the fan (it is unclear if she can see him since her back is to the band but her phone’s camera is presumably facing her), quickly approaches her from behind and appears to jump-kick her square in the lower back, sending the girl tumbling into the crowd face-first, unable to brace for impact. Watching the video below, you can see the girl’s body violently snap back from Cannon’s kick, indicating she neither expected the kick itself or the force behind it.

The fan has not yet been identified, so we don’t know the extent of her injuries (or the quality of her selfie). We have reached out to the Story So Far’s publicist to get the band’s take on the incident, but in the meantime, you can watch the video below to decide if you think Cannon’s reaction was warranted.

UPDATE: The Story So Far’s publicist has told Substream that “at this time, the band isn’t commenting on this.”