PREMIERE: Phylums’ “IC3D” video is full of primary colors, shadows—and fish?


Milwaukee’s Phylums specializes in a musical style that draws on ’6os power-pop as well as vintage pop-punk with a few ’70s psych rock and surf overtones on their new album, Phylum Phyloid. It’s an interesting clasing of sounds that feels like the kind of stuff you always end up hearing in your local record store and ask the clerk what’s playing, only for him to tell you it’s a private-press LP of some obscure local band from 1971 and, no it is not for sale. (Or maybe that’s just me projecting a little bit.) Today, we’re premiering Phylums’ new music video for “IC3D.” Vocalist/guitarist Andrew Kavanaugh comments:

“We made this video ourselves, the main influences being the orchestra scenes from ‘Fantasia’ and a stack of old 1970s nature encyclopedias. One of the themes of the song is the idea that nature is larger than any of us and can overpower us at any moment.”

Phylums’ Phylum Phyloid is available now via Dirtnap Records.