PREMIERE: Get blissed out and spacey with Anakin’s “Overdue”


Since their formation earlier this decade, San Diego quartet Anakin has quietly put together a pretty impressive collection of music, with two full-lengths and an EP to their name. And now, after a brief dalliance with No Sleep Records, the band is self-releasing their new album, Radio Transmission Failure. Like its predecessors, it’s full of thick, peppy alt-rock with spacey overtones; specifically, RTF‘s first single, “Overdue,” sounds like Clarity-era Jimmy Eat World covering the Rentals. Frontman Brad Chancellor elaborates:

“When I wrote the music to ‘Overdue’ I was in a really positive place mentally but I waited over a year to write the lyrics. A lot had happened in that time span and one situation in particular bummed me out to the point that I needed to write about it in order to act as my own personal therapy. The up/down contrast in vibe between words and music is an approach I’ve always admired and it actually worked out well in the end because I was able to take a bad experience and lyrically embed it into this bliss-like state musically.”

Anakin’s Radio Transmission Failure will be released June 24 and can be pre-ordered both digitally and physically.