PREMIERE: Adam Rubenstein turns into a literal one-man band in “Crooked Wheel” music video

Adam Rubenstein

Formerly the guitarist of influential ’90s post-hardcore/emo act Chamberlain, Adam Rubenstein has been quietly piecing together a wonderful solo career, with three strong, rootsy alt-pop albums to his name. The latest, Nightly Waves, might be his best yet, which is why we premiered it last year. Today, we’re thrilled to debut the music video for “Crooked Wheel,” one of the album’s finest tracks. The video showcases Rubenstein’s multi-instrumentalist ability, as he plays the song on a variety of instruments including 12-string guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano and drums. Impressive! Rubenstein explains:

“Lyrically this one deals with the struggle to rid oneself of negative energy. The music and the video are fairly light-hearted and uncomplicated—and serve as a sort of antidote to those bubbling, defeatist thoughts.”

Adam Rubenstein’s Nightly Waves is available now via Arctic Rodeo Recordings.