Neck Deep sets Leeds ablaze

Neck Deep

One thing comes to mind when you see Neck Deep take the stage and that’s the fire emoji, considering their backdrop is pretty much that anyway. It’s very fitting as the band are incredible as they rock out to a packed crowd in Leeds.¬†Opening with “Citizens Of Earth” and moving quickly into “Losing Teeth,” Neck Deep sure turns up the heat fast. Within seconds of the first riffs both band and fans are thrashing around, an abundance of crowd surfers rolling over people’s heads to the front. Their infectious pop-punk beats keep the room jumping from start to finish, their closer one of their most upbeat sounding tracks “Can’t Kick Up The Roots.” At the penultimate show of their colossal world tour, Neck Deep officially solidified their place as one of the biggest pop-punk bands in the world. Here are the exclusive photos from the night by Kelly Hamilton: