Members of Fear Before and Trophy Scars bring together creepy, dreamy harmony on All Human’s new LP

The words “indie band” and “featuring vocalist/guitarist Adam Fisher of Fear Before the March of Flames” don’t find their way into a press release without some raised eyebrows. Unexpectedly delightful, eerily weird and full of groovy textures, All Human (Fisher and Brian Ferrara of Trophy Scars) transform their post-hardcore pasts into an indie/electro dreamscape. Bringing together piano, synth and an oh-so-familiar vocal range, Fisher and Ferrara pull their roots through All Human’s dark daydream-like sophomore record, Teenagers, You Don’t Have To Die!.

The intro track sets precedent for the record; an instrumental bit of wavy synth leading into a monologue from the movie Meet Bill at the beginning of “And So Peter Dances.” A monologue about how working sucks and how there’s always someone better, the song takes the reigns with “no home, no home/no home, no home” describing fears of being in constant motion. Probably taking emotions felt from past experiences into their new venture, Farrara and Fisher showcase their talents with melodic choruses and piano/synth layers. “Headless Friends” proves to be the strongest track with catchy hooks and an orchestral build up featuring violins.

The 17-song LP holds some creepy vibes with “Night Swimmer (Camp Ohio),” which is about children drowning in a lake and “I’m Afraid,” which has an eerie flute whistle and lyrics like, “I’m afraid tomorrow I will die.” “Where’s My Upslope?” Utilizes drums and Fisher’s deep pitch similar to Fear Before The March Of Flames. “Everything That You Love Is An Insect Now” brings a spacey themed ending to the record, but the last track “Pigs” proves to be the perfect outro. Melodramatic and harrowing, the album ends with a death track. Fisher and Farrara expose their souls with All Human, just as they did with their former bands, but in a way that feels like Teenagers, You Don’t Have To Die! Is home. Whether it’s screaming into a microphone or poetically crooning ominous tones into synthesizer, the duo are a match made in weirdom.

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