PREMIERE: Hot Jam Factory party hard in video for “The Under Age”

hot jam factory video

A lot of artists write songs about being the life of the party or knowing how to throw the party to end all parties, but how many actually prove their skills on camera? Hot Jam Factory, which was conceived by frontman Joran Trevino and drummer Phil Altenburg, are doing just that with a new video for their incredibly catchy single, “The Under Age.”

Set in and around a house on the edge of a city, “The Under Age” finds Hot Jam Factory throwing a ridiculously over-the-top party with about fifty of their closest friends. There are women dancing barefeet on concrete floors littered with glitter, men wearing horse head masks, and more people in costumes than you’ll likely be able to count. It’s the kind of visual that makes you yearn to be best friends with the band, and the quality of the song only reinforces that feeling. It’s as if the band found a way to combine the best parts of Arcade Fire with the best parts of Cage The Elephant without sounding like a knockoff of either project. You can view the video below.

“The Under Age” is just one of many songs that will appear on Hot Jam Factory’s upcoming full-length debut, Hot Jam Factory and the Hi-Fi Underside, which currently does not have a release date. Don’t worry though, because the band does have a couple upcoming shows that may offer the same party atmosphere teased in “The Under Age.” You can view the dates after the video.

Upcoming performances:
April 9 – 2nd and Charles – Harrisburg, PA
April 22 – Tellus 360 (LAUNCH Music Conference) – Lancaster, PA