Bring Me The Horizon wraps up European tour with 7,000 screaming Parisians

Bring Me The Horizon
© Edouard Camus

On tour on mainland Europe for 10 days with almost every show sold out, Bring Me The Horizon finished their tour in Paris on April 14 at Le Zenith, one of the biggest non-arena venues in the city. If the show wasn’t sold out, a quick look to the crowd and balcony seats showed that it was very packed. The band took with them another British band called Don Broco, who is very loved in Paris and hasn’t came back to the city since 2012. The pop-rock band pleased the crowd, which started moving as soon as the band appeared onstage. A characteristic of Don Broco is their ritual to get the audience do push-ups in the pit. It happened again at this show.

When one of the biggest band of the genre appears in front of almost 7,000 people, screams are expected, and were present when Bring Me The Horizon started their 14-song set, with songs mostly from their latest album That’s The Spirit and from one of their best albums to date, Sempiternal. The biggest mosh pits happened, with a wall of death you can expect to see at a hardcore set than here. Vocalist Oli Sykes came close to the audience, on top of speakers, wowing fans. The set ended with confetti blasted all over the venue. Substream photographer Edouard Camus went to the final show of the tour to bring back this live gallery.