PREMIERE: Dig bands like Finish Ticket and Vinyl Theatre? You’ll like Trapdoor Social

Trapdoor Social

Los Angeles quartet Trapdoor Social is more than just a band—they use their platform to raise awareness of environmental issues and arts education. And while that sort of philanthropy is all well and good, it’s only the cherry on top of the alt-pop sundae that is Trapdoor Social. The band’s new album, Download My Dream, is actually two separate EPs’ worth of B-sides, with the band’s two songwriters Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk each contributing half. The band explains:

“Trapdoor Social is an amalgamation of our writing styles, but these albums were ways for Skylar and Merritt to each tell their own stories with songs that didn’t quite fit into the larger collection. Working together usually yields the most exciting, unanticipated results, but it can also blunt the individual vision—and this was a way to give those visions an outlet.”

Trapdoor Social’s Download My Dream will be released March 17 and can be pre-ordered here.