PREMIERE: Do you dig bands like Balance And Composure and Citizen? You’ll like Post Modern

Post Modern
photo: Drew Rath

Columbus, Ohio, quartet Post Modern plays music that definitely fulfills one half of their band’s name: modern. Their sound is rooted in the now, drawing on their scenemates like Balance And Composure, Basement, Citizen and Turnover—but their new song “Fury” also shows depth, on both the musical and lyrical fronts. Today, we’re debuting the music video for “Fury,” directed by J.Emerick Cinema + Photo. Frontman Matty McClelland comments:

“‘Fury’ is about the anger you feel in pain. ‘Fury’ is about feeling unwanted and misunderstood. We chose to release ‘Fury’ because it’s more of an accurate representation of the musical direction we want to go, and a landmark in our journey as artists.”

Post Modern’s “Fury” is available now.