PREMIERE: Dig bands like Thrice and Shiner? You’ll like Glassfield


Grand Rapids, Michigan, trio Glassfield is new to the scene—they’ve only been around for about 18 months—but each member has played in various bands throughout the years, and they’ve connected their talent and knowledge together to make some pretty inspiring rock ’n’ roll indebted to noise rock, post-hardcore and space rock. Today, we’re premiering “Some Spirits, a track off their debut EP, Unwrought Atlas, which is sure to tickle your fancy if you’re into progressive, heavy rock like Thrice or their spacey predecessors in Shiner, Hum and Failure. Vocalist/bassist Nick Rhodes comments:

“’Some Spirits’ is a reflection on the writing process from our earlier bands. The lyrics are written from the perspective of an alter ego I had developed as a musician writing and performing in my early 20s.”

Glassfield’s Unwrought Atlas EP will be released April 16 via Mind Over Matter Records and can be pre-ordered here starting April 2.

Glassfield’s next gig is April 16 at Mulligan’s Pub in Grand Rapids, Michigan (details).