PREMIERE: Dead Poet Society’s “Lo Air” is a warped, sludgy take on the blues

Dead Poet Society

Boston’s Dead Poet Society is a bit of an anomaly: The band, formed in late 2013, carries an air of mystery about them like early Interpol, but plays bombastic rock that at times channels Jeff Buckley and Muse. Their new EP, Dempsey, will likely surprise a few folks, if new track “Lo Air” is any indication. The track is a sludgy, near-metallic blues number that slithers and thumps throughout its three-minute runtime. It’s truly something you have to hear to understand. Frontman Jack Underkofler explains:

“Six years ago we decided to sear the frets off of a guitar. This past year, we discovered a sound with that guitar that we’ve never heard before. Recorded in the basement of a retail store with no more than a 12-track interface and the four members of the band, we made something that sounds like the future. We warped the blues.”

Dead Poet Society’s Dempsey EP will be released May 20; in the meantime, go pick up a DPS T-shirt.