Metro Detroit’s The Vulnerable skank to the tune of social awareness in new music video

If I were to say the words “ska punk” to the average alternative music consumer, in a matter of seconds they’d already have a solid, if stereotypic, idea of what the genre typically entails. Fun, bouncy riffs and crunchy bass lines, accompanying an inspired punk drum beat, usually performed by a Hawaiian-shirt and fedora toting band of young adults. However, Metro Detroit ska-punk outfit The Vulnerable strive to look past the gimmicks of the genre’s late ’90s explosion and look to uniting its listeners through a message of equality and acceptance.

The Vulnerable’s new music video for “Roots of Our Tree” taken from the band’s upcoming record “Is There Acceptance?,” out May 7 on Road Soda Records, was released earlier today. Comprised of all queer, transgender, female and genderqueer members, The Vulnerable’s message and motivation from day one has been to fight for the equal rights and treatment of all individuals.

“”Roots of Our Tree” is a song about celebrating your identity as a queer person and gender variant individual,” Vulnerable vocalist Kenny Plont told Substream. “In a world that works daily to invalidate or erase your identity, it’s important to take time to celebrate the heterogeneity and diversity of human gender expression/identity and sexuality, along with working towards destroying the harmful assumptions, expectations and double standards imposed on marginalized groups of individuals, and ultimately realizing your potential as a human being.”

You can check out the video below, and you can check out music from The Vulnerable here.