Daughter takes Chicago’s breath away

photo: Anam Merchant

English indie-folk band Daughter, made up of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella, made their way to Chicago’s Metro on March 11 in support of their newest release, Not To Disappear, which was released in January. I’ve seen Daughter one other time in the Lincoln Park neighborhood back in 2013 when I first heard their debut, If You Leave. It was a super-intimate, small show, and although the venue had changed to a much larger one and the show was sold out quickly after tickets went on sale, it felt small and intimate this time around as well.

Daughter took the stage late in the evening after opener Wilsen finished their set. Though the trio started a bit late, the crowd was patient but eager to see the band perform. Elena, Igor and Remi came out onstage, took their places and began playing, with the crowd hanging on to every word of their songs. It was quiet and calm, a change from this venue’s usual shows. So quiet, in fact, that even with earplugs in, I could hear quite a few camera shutters going off during the first three songs. They opened with “How” off of their newest release followed by “Tomorrow” off of If You Leave, and back to Not To Disappear with “Numbers” and “Alone/With You.” The band played a 15-song set, ending the night with arguably the most popular song off their previous release, “Youth,” and Not To Disappear‘s “Fossa.”