Former Sunny Day Real Estate/Posies bassist Joe Skyward dies of cancer

Joe Skyward
Joe Skyward performing with Sunny Day Real Estate, 1999

Substream has learned that Joe Skyward, former bassist of Sunny Day Real Estate and the Posies, passed away March 26 after a two-year battle with cancer. He was 57. His death was confirmed in a Facebook post from the Posies, who commented in part, “Positive to the end, he went surrounded by friends and family. We had many great years with Joe and loved him very much. We still do. Rest in peace, rest in space, rest in bass.”

Skyward, frequently referred to as “Joe Bass,” played on two Posies albums, Amazing Disgrace and Success, in the mid-’90s before joining Sunny Day Real Estate following the recording of their reunion album, 1998’s How It Feels To Be Something On. Skyward can be seen and heard on the band’s 1999 concert film/album Live, which can be watched below.

Skyward left Sunny Day Real Estate following the touring cycle for How It Feels To Be Something On, though he contributed bass to SDRE frontman Jeremy Enigk’s 2006 solo album World Waits and its 2007 follow-up The Missing Link. The Cleveland, Ohio, native later returned to the Posies in 2013 before being diagnosed with cancer in 2014.

Our deepest condolences go out to the friends, family and fans of Joe Skyward.