Foo Fighters troll the internet with fake breakup announcement

Foo Fighters

No, the Foo Fighters are not breaking up. Yes, many otherwise reputable (or in some cases, “reputable”) news sources reported that Foo Fighters were calling it quits. What were they basing this report on? That’s where it gets fuzzy: A gut feeling, perhaps? The fact that Dave Grohl covered a Beatles song at the Oscars last weekend by himself? Anonymous reports of acrimony within the FF camp (which were denied by the band’s publicist—granted, that is their job, but still)?

So the band addressed the rumors in the only way they knew how—by fucking with people. The band hyped up an “official announcement” that would come later in the day, which made news sites foam at the mouth to see who could get their “Foo Fighters to break up” story to the top spot of Facebook’s newsfeed first. The only problem? No one bothered to wait until the official announcement came out. And when it did, it had no problem making those outlets look rightfully foolish by proclaiming, “For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up. And nobody’s going fucking solo!” Also: The video has some halfway decent jokes in it, so it’s worth watching all the way through.)

Our advice? Whatever websites you follow that reported the Foo Fighters breakup as rock-solid news, unfollow them on Twitter. Unlike them on Facebook. These sites are more focused on being “first” than being right. In many cases, they aren’t reporting this story because they care; they’re reporting it because they know you’ll click on it, and that is literally all they care about. Don’t support bad journalism. You are a person, not a click.

And just so you don’t leave this post with a bad taste in your mouth, here is my personal favorite Foo Fighters jam from recent years: