PREMIERE: Night Argent delivers gorgeous visuals with deconstructed “Nothing More Beautiful” video

Night Argent

No one knows your career better than you. This timeless adage has been used to inspire independent artists from all corners of the Earth for decades, but in 2016 the meaning behind that message has begun to evolve. These days any artist with a working knowledge of digital media can create a brand empire that rivals anything major labels can create, and the only thing stopping most from reaching that point is putting in the work needed to make their dreams a reality.

Night Argent, a Seattle rock band that straddles the indie/pop line with a fervency rarely found in today’s music, have spent the better part of the last few years building their career from the ground up. In addition to writing their own material and putting together their own promotional material, the group has worked tirelessly to developing the skills as video creators as well. The latest example of their ever-evolving skill set is the new video for a deconstructed version of the band’s song “Nothing More Beautiful,” which appears as a bonus track on their forthcoming self-titled EP, out April 22.

Originally, this reworking of “Nothing More Beautiful” was supposed to be a simple acoustic version of the song, but Night Argent doesn’t do simple. Instead, the band stripped down the track, handed the bassist a cello, added vocal beatbox elements and gave the song a saucy, seductive feel. This band knows how to go above-and-beyond, and with material like this it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are poised to push themselves into the spotlight sooner rather than later.

Speaking on the video and its creation, vocalist Chase Manhattan comments:

“’Nothing More Beautiful’ has always had such a big sound, so we decided to challenge ourselves and see if we could bring out a more chill and raw ambiance to the track while maintaining the emotional impact of the original. We wanted a video that accomplished the same rich, lush simplicity we set out to capture with the new recording. We decided to shoot the video in black and white to allow the focus to be on the contrast of the light vs dark and the quality of the light itself, with our individual performances playing the supporting roles in each shot.”

You can view Night Argent’s new video below. The band’s self-titled EP can be pre-ordered here.