Enter Shikari creates chaos in Paris

Enter Shikari
© Edouard Camus

About a year ago, British band Enter Shikari released their fourth album The Mindsweep and performed in Paris in a cavernous venue that wasn’t full. On March 15, the band returned to Paris and performed in a smaller venue that was packed, with an energetic audience crowdsurfing for the whole set.

The band took Brighton band the Qemists as support for The Mindsweep Tour, who brought some the Blackout-ish sounds, with two singers who occasionally rapped, combined with hardcore drumbeats and guitars, and some electro provided by their DJ. The band knew they could get crazy when the clean singer jumped in the crowd while singing.

After a break that seemed to last hours (combined with a voice over the PA counting down each minute—”the show starts in five minutes. Get ready. Stretch yourself. Lace your shoes. The show starts in 4 minutes…”), Enter Shikari appeared on tage, and not even 30 seconds after the lights went on, frontman Rou Reynolds jumped in the crowd, sang in the crowd, wandered around the venue, then stopped at one of pianos set at the back of the venue, just in front of barricades of the venue, where he performed the piano, the guitar and even the trumpet on the song “Dear Future Historians…” Substream photographer Edouard Camus went in the photo pit and beyond to bring you an exclusive gallery from the show.