Watch Chris Conley of Saves The Day rightfully scold a crowd for not shutting the f*ck up

Chris Conley
photo: Rebecca Reed

The rise in frontmen of bands going out on solo acoustic tours has raised an interesting conundrum: When you’ve built your career on playing loud rock songs, what do you do when you’re playing them quietly and people in the audience simply will not be quiet?

That was the situation February 23 at House Of Independents in Asbury Park, New Jersey, during a stop of the 2016 Where’s The Band? Tour, featuring members of five of punk and emo’s most notable bands including Alkaline Trio’s Dan Andriano, Bayside’s Anthony Raneri and the Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor performing collaboratively for an extended set. According to an article, the crowd of approximately 500 people was unusually chatty through portions of the set, causing Saves The Day frontman and New Jersey native Chris Conley to scold the concertgoers.

“It’s all about respect, motherfuckers!” Conley yells at the crowd. “We’re doing this together, and you’re all out there chatting? We’re up here away from our families playing you heartfelt songs—shut the fuck up and listen!”

A crowd member then yells out, “I love you!” to which Conley responds, “I’m thankful you love me but love my friends and we’re all here together, and if you were like this at my favorite teacher’s class and you were talking through class, I’d be like, ‘You’re kicked out of class.’ Do you understand?”

Conley then tries to play a song before stopping and telling the crowd, “I realize if you haven’t gotten the message yet, you’re shit out of luck.” Pryor then tries to intervene musically, irritating Conley, to which Pryor responds, “Then stop ranting and play a song.” Conley then launches into an a capella version of early Saves The Day cut “Three Miles Down” before ceding the stage to Pryor, who tries to win the crowd back over with an upbeat version of the Get Up Kids’ “Action & Action.”

Following “Action & Action,” Conley left the stage and did not return for the remaining 90 minutes of the show, leaving the other four men onstage (including Hot Rod Circuit’s Andy Jackson) to shoulder the weight of the crowd’s expectations. The singer took to Twitter earlier today to issue a brief apology. “Sorry,” he tweeted. “Never go full Conley.”

Some audience members have said Conley was drunk during the show last night; in Conley’s defense, whether or not he was intoxicated doesn’t mean that his remarks were any less valid. If you are attending an acoustic show, consider respecting the performers and keeping conversations to a minimum, or if you absolutely need to tell your friend about the Girls season five premiere or something, maybe consider stepping outside to have that discussion. Many people paid money to see their favorite singers perform in an intimate environment, not listen to you and your buddies jaw about your latest Tinder conquest.

The Where’s The Band? Tour continues through February 27 in Chicago, hopefully with the musicians in better spirits and the crowd better behaved:

2/24 Mr. Smalls Theater – Millvale, PA
2/25 The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern – Cleveland, OH
2/26 The Loving Touch – Ferndale, MI
2/27 Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL