PREMIERE: Hear the softer side of Summer Wars in the acoustic “Live Defeated”

Summer Wars

It used to take bands years  to figure out how to properly strip down their amped-up sound into something more soothing and acoustic. Nowadays, it happens within mere months: Take Raleigh, North Carolina, pop-punk quartet Summer Wars. The, who dropped their debut EP Better Days last October, has already created its acoustic counterpart, which features all four songs off Better Days reinterpreted as well as a brand new song, “Live Defeated”—the first song Summer Wars has ever written with the explicit purpose of existing as an acoustic-based number. This awareness shows in the song’s lush arrangement, featuring piano, handclaps and some delightful harmonies. Vocalist/guitarist Tripp Rowe explains:

“The idea behind ‘Live Defeated’ is how being unsure of who you are can affect your relationship with someone. You can fall in love with someone and you never stop changing, so the reasons you initially grew close to that person may not even be there anymore. Writing ‘Live Defeated’ was just me trying to depict being in that vicious cycle with someone trying to make it work for so long that it’s basically all you know anymore and you start to normalize it because you don’t want to let go. I think everyone has that one love they can’t stop going back to for whatever reason.”

Summer Wars’ Acoustic EP will be released March 11 and can be pre-ordered here.

Summer Wars’ next show will be March 20 as part of the So What?! Music Festival in Grand Prairie, Texas, alongside Underoath, Saosin, Beartooth, Silverstein and many more.