PREMIERE: Hear LA rockers State To State’s Steve Perry-approved ‘Motives’ EP

State To State

The beauty of making music in Los Angeles is that musicians seem to be way less concerned about being “cool” (like so much of what comes out of New York City these days) and far more focused on creating real, honest songs that aren’t shy about their influences or passion. Take Motives, the new release from LA rockers State To State: The five-track EP draws from Radiohead (ca. The Bends) and Jeff Buckley as well as more modern-sounding outfits like Queens Of The Stone Age and Muse. The band is never trying to outsmart the listener, instead just enjoying the sounds they’re creating—so much so that when the opportunity to have Steve Perry—yes, that Steve Perry, of Journey fame—contribute to a few tracks, they absolutely jumped at the chance. Bassist Patrick Morgan explains:

“Steve Perry happened to stop by the studio when we were recording and ended up singing background vocals on the chorus of both ‘Arms’ and ‘Let Go’ on the new EP. Although he’s not credited, it was quite a life changing moment for both Shea and I to have sang harmonies alongside one of the greatest voices in rock history. I still can’t believe that happened!”

State To State’s Motives EP will be released February 5.

State To State’s next show is the Motives EP-release show on February 5 at the Lost Room in Los Angeles with Second Howl and You.