PREMIERE: Mark Mallman’s new single sounds like Brandon Flowers fronting Talking Heads

Mark Mallman
photo: Wilson Webb

Minneapolis musician Mark Mallman (how’s that for a paragraph-opening alliteration?) has been turning heads for two decades and eight studio albums—his newest, The End Is Not The End, we’re here to talk about today. The album was borne out of an aborted dance record titled Nightmares which Mallman scrapped in 2014 and rebuilt piece by piece into The End Is Not The End, in part to help him deal with a bout of anxiety so extreme that it landed him in the hospital. Today, we’re debuting The End Is Not The End‘s new single, “Trying To Fight Fire With A Fist,” jittery, funky number that sounds like Brandon Flowers of the Killers singing for the Talking Heads. It should come as no surprise that Mallman drew on the latter for inspiration. He explains:

“I had read about how Talking Heads’ ‘Remain In Light’ was all based around grooves. We already had this solid goth disco thing going, but then Shannon Frid of Cloud Cult came in and laid down this real eastern-sounding violin track and I knew the song would kill as a single. The lyrics are about being unapologetically true to yourself, despite your critics and peers—which is something every artist must do, or the whole process is wasted.”

Mark Mallman’s The End Is Not The End will be released March 25 via Polkadot Mayhem and can be pre-ordered here.

Mark Mallman will be appearing at this year’s South By Southwest Music Festival from March 16 to March 19.