PREMIERE: Dig bands like Four Year Strong and A Day To Remember? You’ll like Knockout Kid

Knockout Kid
photo: Easter Daily

You can call it popcore, easycore, softcore—whatever term floats your boat, it’s clearly here to stay. Chicago quintet Knockout Kid is climbing into the ring with their new album, Manic, hoping to make an impact—and if their new single, “Going, Going, Gone” is any indication, they are going to do just that. Guitarist Jake Fuerst talks about the meaning behind the music:

“‘Going, Going, Gone’ came together with the whole band in the same room at once and was one of the first songs on the record we knew was special. The lyrics, aside from partying, reflect our outlook on past mistakes and a readiness to move on to the future.”

Knockout Kid’s Manic comes out February 26 via Bullet Tooth and can be pre-ordered now (physical/digital).

Knockout Kid’s next show is the album-release show for Manic on February 27 at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago with Tiny Kingdoms, The Moose and Action/Adventure (tickets).