PREMIERE: Jeff Riddle & The Bella Vista Social Club’s “Black Cloud” is dark-and-stormy folk-punk

Jeff Riddle & The Bella Vista Social Club

Jeff Riddle has been a fixture in Philadelphia’s DIY music community for years now, most recently gaining some national attention for joining punk group the Holy Mess as their new guitarist. But Riddle is an accomplished songwriter on his own accord, too, as he intends to show with Destroy, the debut album by his new project, the Bella Vista Social Club. Today, we’re premiering “Black Cloud,” a song that is a mixture of traditional folk and blues elements with basement-punk energy. Riddle elaborates on the song’s origin:

“‘Black Cloud’ is a song I wrote out of basic frustration. It’s feeling like a cloud is always following you around just raining shit. When you take a look at things around you that just seem so wrong, it’s even more frustrating. Take televangelists (or Donald Trump or Bill O’Reilly or any of these pig fuckers, the list goes on forever): These people are absolute frauds. They are selling snake oil to poor saps who drink it by the gallon. They don’t actually care about these people. I doubt they actually believe an ounce of their own words. I feel like at some point I must have stumbled into a portal into some strange alternate timeline where these oppressive bastards always win, and the foul-odored, swarthy hogs are always hungry for more. The worst part is that I’m stuck here.”

Jeff Riddle & The Bella Vista Social Club’s Destroy will be released March 4 and can be pre-ordered digitally and on vinyl.

Jeff Riddle & The Bella Vista Social Club will hit the road for a brief tour of the East Coast and Midwest later this month:

2/18- New York, NY at Tiger Lounge w/katie ellen + strangepride + JP Carillo
2/19- Allston, MA at Animal House
2/20- Allentown, PA at The Alternative Gallery // Hullabullubula 3
2/21- Pittsburgh, PA at TBA
2/23- Cincinnati, OH at TBA
2/24- Richmond, VA at Church Of Abraham with Jake Mayday + Living Rheum
2/25- Philadelphia, PA at Everybody Hits with Emperor X + Three Man Cannon + Peter The Pianoeater