PREMIERE: Dig bands like Balance And Composure and Basement? You’ll like Intervention


Sure, from an outsider’s point of view, living in West Palm Beach, Florida, might seem pretty cool: You’re minutes away from the ocean and constantly bathed in sun. But angst can exist anywhere, from the coldest corners of the Arctic to the warmest spots on the equator, and Intervention is proof. The quintet’s new EP, Lucid, was produced by Tate Mercer (Daisyhead, Better Off) and will fit quite nicely in your collection among the dozens of releases from No Sleep Records and Run For Cover Records that you already own. Today, we’re debuting the music video for the EP’s final track, “Keep.” Vocalist Drew Portalatin explains:

“We took some time off as a band to really refine our sound to something that we all love. We want to keep the pop aspects of the music as well as blend it with more aggressive, rock ’n’ roll sound that influenced our musical upbringing. Tate Mercer made our vision into a reality and we can’t be thankful enough. Tate has done some of our favorite records/songs so it was an honor to work with him.”

Intervention’s Lucid EP will be released February 26 and can be pre-ordered here.

Intervention will hit the road alongside Renaissance Fair this March, with Northbound on select dates:

March 13 – Tallahassee, FL – TV Land (w/Northbound)
March 14 – Jacksonville, FL – The Birdhouse (w/Northbound)
March 16 – Greenville, NC – Player’s Retreat
March 17 – Williamsport, PA – The Groundfloor
March 18 – Winchester, VA – Hopscotch Coffee
March 20 – Nashville, TN – That 70’s House