PREMIERE: Get your math-rock on with Great Deceivers’ “Ask Me About Your Strong Suits”

Great Deceivers

Math-rock is not exactly the genre you pick if you’re looking for fame and fortune in the music industry. The people who write and play these complex, noodly songs do so because every time signature change, every clever guitar lead and every rhythm section turnaround are firmly lodged in the players brains and need to get out some way or another. Chicago quartet Great Deceivers isn’t trying to make bank on their new EP, Ask Me About Your Strong Suits; they’re just trying to make themselves happy. Today, we’re debuting that EP’s title track—guitarist/vocalist Max Green comments:

“Tonally, this song wrestles with trying to determine if acceptance is different than concession. Sometimes you want so badly to prove that an event or action is the way you perceive it but you don’t have the tools to do so or you become exhausted. And you’re left with no choice but to engineer apathy or find a way to pat yourself on the back and make that enough.”

Great Deceivers’ Ask Me About Your Strong Suits EP will be released March 8 via Flannel Gurl Records and can be pre-ordered here.