PREMIERE: Dig bands like Bully and the Thermals? You’ll like Fucko


Boston’s always been a great city for alternative rock. The clubs there are legendary, the bands spawned out of the scene are influential and the fans in the area seem to actually appreciate music instead of getting caught up in hype and image. I mean, how many other cities could spawn a band called Fucko and have that band actually be not just good but great?

The Beantown three-piece draws on poppy ’90s alt-rock influences like that dog. and the Breeders with a nice grit reminiscent of the Thermals, and guitarist Sarah Desmarais’ killer vocals should place the band up next to Bully and Dilly Dally in awesome female-fronted up-and-coming rock bands. Today, we’re debuting the closing track off their debut album, Dealing With The Weird, “Buzz”—and it’s actually the first song Fucko wrote together. Desmarais explains:

“It being the first song we wrote, we were really focusing on our sound at the time and we wanted to sound huge. It’s about handling types of unexpected, unfamiliar aggression—there’s a really unique feeling when you come in contact with someone who’s determined to be relentless, regardless of the prerogative being positive or negative. Being caught by someone else’s harshness and not knowing what to do is a familiar feeling, it can make you feel like an alien.”

Fucko’s Dealing With The Weird will be released February 26 via Black Numbers and can be pre-ordered here.

Fucko will celebrate the release of their new album with a trio of East Coast shows, two of which are with Choke Up:

March 4th, Dover NH @ Wrong Brain HQ w/Choke Up, Lilith, Kid Coyote
March 5th, Cambridge MA @ Firebrand Saints w/Choke Up, Pleasure gap
March 6th, New Haven CT @ Fish House w/Morus Alba, Hellrazor, Maple Brown