Never Shout Never and Metro Station breeze through Chicago

Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never dropped by the House of Blues in Chicago on the Black Cat Tour in support of their August 2015 release, Black Cat. Supporting Never Shout Never were Metro Station, Jule Vera and Waterparks.

Waterparks opened the show with an interactive, energetic set, leaving the crowd pumped up and ready for more. Next up was Jule Vera, who I’ve heard a lot of great things about in recent months. While they’re not necessarily my cup of tea, they were insanely catchy and fun to listen to. Metro Station took the stage after, and that’s when things really got started. It was evident by the movement on the floor that a lot of people were there to see Metro Station. They weren’t the most interesting performers, but it was definitely a throwback to middle school, especially as they ended their set with “Shake It.”

Never Shout Never took the stage last to close out the night. The set and the band’s dynamic with the fans felt a lot different than shows I usually go to. It felt a lot more intimate and like there were no expectations going in, like you were seeing a friend perform. In that sense, the set was really nice. The band played songs off Black Cat like “Black Cat” and “Red Balloon,” as well as other songs from previous records like “I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know,” “Piggy Bank,” “Trouble” and “California,” among many others. They ended their 14-song set with “Time Travel.”