Metric and Joywave thrill Chicago


Metric stopped by Chicago on the first date of their tour in support of their newest release, Pagans In VegasThey brought along Joywave, who put out a record last year called How Do You Feel Now?They garnered a lot of attention as they opened up the set, and the crowd was nodding their heads and had their eyes fixated on the band coming to life on stage, who were evidently enjoying the music as much as the people watching them.

Metric took the stage soon after Joywave finished their set, kicking things off with an eager crowd. They cheered in excitement as Emily Haines sang the first few words of their opening song, “IOU.” The band then went into another popular song titled “Help I’m Alive.” I’ve seen Metric one other time at a radio showcase, and this time, their set blew me away. I walked towards the back of the room near the merch to listen and their music and their stage presence was mesmerizing. Metric definitely knows how to put on a real show, and judging by the non-stop cheering all night, they did not disappoint.