The Maine sets the mood in Manchester

The Maine

Arizona rockers the Maine rolled into Manchester on January 30, armed with nine songs to match their nine-year standing as a band. They paired it with plenty of mood lighting, setting the tone for their set as they broke out tracks like “English Girls,” “Growing Up” and “Right Girl.” A throwback track brought older fans back to the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop era with “Everything I Ask For” and closed out their set with “Like We Did” and “Another Night On Mars.”

Their energy is thrilling, with the key player being bassist Garrett Nickelsen who thrashes about the stage with reckless abandon. The way he commands the stage and interacts with other members makes it hard to look at much else. Despite touring the same U.K. circuit multiple times before, there always seems to be something new to discover about their performance as they pull out a different setlist each time and singer John O’Callaghan’s vocal prowess only seems to get stronger with each visit. Substream photographer Kelly Hamilton was there to catch all the action—here’s an exclusive gallery of the night.